Simon Casciano


Simon graduated in 2011 with first class honours in Oriental Medicine from The International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) UK. His holistic style of acupuncture (Classical Stems and Branches) always treats ‘the person not the disease' and ‘the cause not the symptom'.

With its emphasis on pulse diagnosis and an ethos of prevention, acupuncture is beneficial not only for specific health issues but health in general on all levels. A small number of needles are used to make a minimal yet potentially powerful intervention. It is gentle and safe for all ages and sensitivities.

Simon is dedicated to preserving the achievements of the world renowned lecturer-practitioner Dr Van Buren (1921-2003) working in close association with those who knew him and his work extremely well.

In addition Simon practises Swedish and Therapeutic Massage.

Prior to acupuncture, Simon played and sang at the piano as a professional musician. He still plays and teaches the piano in his spare time.




BSc Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture Internation College of Oriental Medicine, England University of Brighton