Sally Wallace


Sally Wallace graduated from the London College of Homeopathy in 1989 after a 4 year training and has been in practice for 23 years. She has a background in counselling and taught patient management at the London College. 

She has worked extensively with patients recovering from abuse; with addictive patterns; with the trauma of loss and bereavement; with anxiety and with stress related illness. She also specialises in work with children.

Sally has always worked closely with practitioners of other therapies (osteopathy, massage, acupuncture and psychotherapy) and with G.P.s. She believes in a comprehensive approach, which
explores diet, exercise, stress levels, allergies and mineral/vitamin deficiencies.

"Symptoms of ill-health provide information which is valuable, and when collated can be used to guide practitioner and patient in a shared exploration of why the imbalance has occurred and how best to prevent recurrences and recover a sense of wellbeing."




Graduated from the London College of Homeopathy in 1989