Nigel Castle

My practice includes Acupuncture, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Naturopathy, Spinal Manipulation, Biodynamic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and I often use a blend of these approaches.  I am also a UKCP registered Psychotherapist.
I originally trained in osteopathy (though I do not use the title Osteopath) and these skills are integrated, along with the above, into an eclectic approach that I call Integrative Body Therapy.  I treat people with all manner of back pains and other physical complaints, as well as people who wish to have psychotherapy.
The body-mind is the storehouse of all our experiences, current emotions and thoughts, which are contained as tissue memory.  My healing approach embraces this fundamental principle whether I'm using bodywork skills or psychotherapy.  Working in this way facilitates the integration of body, mind and emotions, which is our natural state.




Naturopathy Diploma     (ND   1974)
Acupuncture Licence      (Lic Ac    1981)
Acupuncture Certificate   (JCM   Journal of Chinese Medicine  1984)
Cranio-sacral Therapy Certificate  ( CTTE   1997)
Psychotherapy Diploma     (Chiron 2009 Diploma in Integrative Body Psychotherapy)

Registered Psychotherapist  UKCP , (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists  2009)