Nicola Dobiecka


I took Alexander Technique lessons to help with a long-term back injury. I discovered that my reaction to this condition was causing symptoms. I learned that my ideas about movement were fundamental and how quickly I could change by simply changing an idea.

I was intrigued how something which seemed so simple could have such a powerful impact. To learn in more depth I trained to teach through the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM).

I strongly believe in making this technique available to as many people as possible.

The first lesson covers basic principles which I return to in follow-on lessons. I also do a simple demonstration lesson so that you can experience the lesson format.

In follow-on lessons I work with my students' chosen activities to help them identify any ideas and movement choices stopping them from improving. This can range from simply using too much muscular effort to moving in a way which is not in accordance with the body's structures.

Through discussion, questions and gentle hands-on work I help students to find ways to simplify their movements and introduce processes which they can use to make more effective choices.

I offer a six-week beginner's course which can be taken individually and in small groups. I write articles about applying the technique on my website:




Interactive Teaching Method (ITM), 2012. ITM Teacher's Association Member and registered with the CNHC