Nicki Wood


Nicki uses gentle muscle release techniques helping to relieve pain and discomfort and increase mobility, allowing for body balance and symmetry.  She combines these therapies yet predominantly uses Emmett which enables her to address long-standing problems, recent injuries, skeletal and muscular discrepancies, from the new born to the frail and the elderly.  Addressing the body as a whole and specifically focusing on problem areas she can offer a highly effective bespoke treatment for each individual.  Nicki also runs a free Asthma Clinic for children 15 years and under.

Emmett Technique is a fast and effective method of muscle correction giving assistance in all muscular and skeletal discomfort and also assisting with problems such as bladder, digestive, migrane discrepancies and many others.

Bowen Technique; follow link on the tab below. 

Functional Fascial Taping; Great assistance in rehabilitation for sporting injuries, involving
taping of specific areas to allow for analgesic effect and the increase in movement range.




Qualified in Emmett Technique, Bowen Technique, Functional Fascial Taping