Nelly Vuichard


With a strong belief in the Healing Power of Touch, I first fully qualified as a Massage Therapist, combining the old traditions of the East with the new scientific techniques of the West.

Babies have always been an important part of my life and having a keen interest in the importance of Touch and Massage in early development, I then became a CIMI within the I.A.I.M. , a worldwide recognized and acclaimed organization, at Queen Charlotte's Hospital, and a Baby Yoga Instructor....and never looked back!

I continuously update my knowledge by attending conferences and workshops... and learning from you All !





Anatomy, Physiology and Swedish Massage at West London School of  Massage -

ITEC Diploma in 1999

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner at Bharatheeyam Hospital in Kerala - India - 2001 

Certified Infant Massage Instruction with the International Association of Infant Massage - London - 2000

Baby Yoga Instructor - Foundation Course with Birthlight - Cambridge - 2003