Melanie Metivier


Originally from Celtic Brittany in France with a background in History of Art, Melanie's interest in natural therapies led her to study Shiatsu and Oriental therapies and Remedial Massage at the East-West College in Melbourne Australia. 

She worked alongside both an Acupuncturist and Herbalist in a Clinic; she then extended her experiences in Spas for 3 years but always working in synergy with a CAM team (complementary alternative medicine). She is now practicing in London and is registered with The FHT (federation of holistic therapists). She continues to learn and extend her knowledge by attending workshops in Europe.

Her approach to therapy is very holistic; combining her understanding and knowledge of the East with the West and her intuition.  She bases her work on the method of the 5 elements theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine; therefore a thorough consultation is necessary to understand each client's needs. Melanie's treatments are tailor made, taking into consideration the mind-body-emotional state of the person. Each treatment starts by a gentle work on the HARA - the abdomen in Japanese, which is our centre of energy. This is a diagnosis based on the Shiatsu principles to understand and feel the imbalance taking place at the time of your appointment. The Hara in Shiatsu offers a map representing each organ being Kyo (empty) or Jitsu (full), energy that determines which meridians to work on. 

Your first treatment with Melanie lasts for 90 minutes with a full consultation and Hara diagnosis. Essential oils might be used in the massage. The follow up treatment can last for 60 min or 90 min.

Melanie also offers Lomi-Lomi massage based on the healing principles of Hawaii. This treatment is available to female clients only.

She practices at Neal's Yard Remedies 7a Church Street Kensington London W8 4LF every Friday morning and Tuesdays on request.

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Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies and Remedial Massage - The East-West College, Melbourne, Australia