Mei Cheung


I graduated in Acupuncture (BSc) from LCTA, currently studying post-grad in Chinese Herbal Medicine. I also trained in Tuina massage, Facial Acupuncture Revitalization. I sometimes add cupping therapy.  I also undertook training experience in China, 2007 at Guangzhou-University Hospital. I'm a member of Munro Complementary Health-COOP charity, providing therapies to local community.    I do private home/ workplace visits with special treatments tailored to the patient.

My approach to treatment is holistic in its truest sense, the integration of body, mind and spirit.  I look at the patient as a whole, to treat any imbalances whether it's physical or emotional or both. Often there's correlation between pain and blocked emotions/ energies. Medical history, lifestyle, diet, stresses are also taken into account of to form a full picture analysis. In my practice, I always take care to strengthen the "constitution" of the patient which is their unique genetic make-up as well as alleviating their complaint, patients often report "a sense of well-being". Ultimately, it's about reaching a state of equilibrium in mind and body. 

I've experience with muscular-skeletal conditions:back-pain, sciatica, hip-fractures, stroke, insomnia, stress/depression, gynecology, earache/ labyrinthitis, smoking-cessation, weight-loss, facial-revitalisation.


I aim to promote calmness, growth, self-healing and the patient's own awareness of their own spiritual and physical health.




Acupuncture in BSc, MBAcC - London College of Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (LCTA)

PG Certificate in Chinese Herbal Patent Medicine (RCHM & EHPA)

Facial Acupuncture Revitalization

Diploma in Tuina - Chinese Massage (Asante Academy)

Certificate in Advanced Course of Acupuncture of TCM (Guangzhou University Hospital, China)