Marian Byham


Marian has been practicing Homeopathy since 1995 and brings a wide range of skills and experience to her practice. Her own interest in Homeopathy began when her three year old daughter was very ill and conventional medicine could not help her. Homeopathy restored her to full health.

Marian trained at the College of Homeopathy and then the College of Practical Homeopathy for four years followed by a two year postgraduate course at the Guild of Homeopaths.

Marian is particularly interested in providing homeopathy for children from babies to teenagers and working with pregnant mothers.

Childbirth kits with instructions are available on request and Marian is happy to provide advice on appropriate remedies for childbirth and the early days and weeks immediately after the birth.




Member of the College of
Practical Homeopathy since June 1995

Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths 9th October, 2000

Member of the Guild of Homeopaths since 1996