Leora Sharp


Relief from your stresses and strains, aches, pains and emotionally challenging times.

I work with a unique blend of varied massage techniques (with the pressure suitable for each person), breathe awareness, energetic balancing and visualisations where appropriate. This combination promotes deep relaxation and combined with moments of stillness, we allow your body, mind and soul the time and space needed to integrate the work. Together we can relieve those knots that are niggling, release emotional blockages and support, guide and empower you to move forward.

We can discuss the factors that could be contributing to your challenges and together, we plan each session according to your needs. We will also explore post treatment self-care options. I respect you, your modesty and your privacy - it's all about you. 

"The tension in my shoulders melted away as you worked, and by the end of the massage, I felt as though you had dislodged all the thoughts and worries I brought with me to the session and that they were no longer worth fretting over.  In fact the following day I still felt more in my body than usual and more objective about the challenges I am facing."
Judy Heminsley - Author of ‘Work from Home'

Website: freemyself.net




Holistic Massage and Bodywork
Usui Reiki I and II
Hands free Massage
...and I regularly attend short courses as part of my continual professional development.