Julia Baker


Julia graduated from the Northern College of Acupuncture in 2004 after 4 years' Traditional Chinese and Western medical studies.

She has done  postgraduate study in the role of acupuncture treatment with regard to sub fertility, ART and obstetric acupuncture. She will soon start another diploma specializing in pediatric acupuncture.

She treats a diverse range of conditions from allergies, arthritis, tennis elbow and whiplash injuries to cases of insomnia, migraine and digestive disturbances, as well as using acupuncture as a preventative system of medicine in order to promote general wellbeing and aid relaxation.

She also works with clients who wish to use Chinese medicine to maximize their fertility and chances of natural conception as well as those who seek treatment alongside assisted reproductive techniques.

Her interest in the role of acupuncture in the treatment of addiction has also led her to work within a holistic day programme.

"I believe in helping my clients to achieve realistic goals through their treatment, using a holistic approach to maintain health within increasingly hectic lifestyles."

website:  jbacupuncture.co.uk