Hernan Valdivia


Hernan is an experience orthopaedic and sports massage therapist. He has a passion for helping people out of pain. He has had extensive training with many great educators and techniques, ranging from Eastern traditions to cutting edge Western therapies, and he integrates all disciplines into one amazing experience. He has developed an intuitive "listening" touch to specifically identify and eliminate pain in people's bodies.

Appointments with Hernan include an assessment, treatment that involves innovative massage techniques plus rehabilitation advice and support to fast track you back to health. Effective and specific, "pain-free", deep tissue, sports injury massage to restore function, reduce pain and maximise performance.

Hernan also has a degree in Molecular Biology, allowing him to support his methods with a solid scientific background. He specialises in lower back pain, neck and shoulder issues and specifically frozen shoulder. He works by correcting postural misalignment causing chronic pain conditions.

Eastern Synergy uses principles of eastern massage techniques working on moving qi (energy) along meridians or pathways from concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Similar to Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Tui Na but uses the firm gentle pressure of hands and carried out over clothes. Non-invasive, balancing and restorative.
Hernan believes that any bodywork and massage therapy should be bespoke and must be tailored to the person receiving. He provides a non-judgmental and safe place to facilitate balance in mind and body.

Ring direct: 07809016139
or visit his website to book online everybodyhealth.co.uk




I am fully insured with the FHT and member of the CTHA and have have completed the qualifications for: 

  • Deep Tissue and Therapeutic remedial massage

  • Sports massage (Pain-free)

  • Myofascial release (Muscle release)

  • Postural Corrective Bodywork

  • Hot stone fusion (holistic and deep tissue massage with

  • Amma Fusion (blend of eastern massage techniques:
    meridian acupressure, shiatsu and tuina)

  • Advanced clinical massage:

    • - Carpal tunnel, wrist
      and arm pain

    • - Neck and shoulder,
      shoulder girdle pain

    • - Hip and pelvis, leg,
      knee and foot pain

    • - Spine and lower back

    • - Advanced sports
      stretching and soft tissue release