Hannah Adams


After over a decade working as a beauty and wellbeing journalist/stylist - and having reviewed a wide range of therapies - I choose to study Reflexology; a practice I was instinctively drawn to and remain inspired by today.

I gained my ABC diploma in Reflexology from the Central London College Of Reflexology and regularly update my skills.

I have undertaken additional continuing professional development courses in Maternity Reflexology, Gentle Touch Reflexology techniques, Aromatherapy for the feet, Chinese foot massage and Hot Stone Reflexology. I am also a member of the professional reflexology body - The Association Of Reflexologists.

All of my treatments are tailored to the individual, blending traditional reflex point pressure with flowing massage techniques and lymphatic drainage. I work with clients comfort levels and relaxation always in mind and find my intuitive, adaptive style to be useful in temporarily alleviating stress and anxiety whilst - in many cases - improving quality of sleep following sessions.

I have a special interest in working with those who are living with emotional upset, anxiety, hormone imbalance and general life ‘burn-out'. I offer a welcoming, safe space to unwind and believe Reflexology to be a wonderful starting point for clients
to explore their wellness potential.

Email: info@lullreflexology.com
Website: lullreflexology.com