Emanuela Cusin


EMANUELA CUSIN has been a beauty and massage therapist for twelve years. Since starting in 1999, she has always sought to improve her knowledge and skills in this field.

After having completed her qualifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Deep Tissue Massage she started to study Zen Shiatsu and Okido Yoga. At first, studying Shiatsu was for her own personal benefit, but quickly she realised that it could be a very important technique for helping to solve problems either alongside more traditional methods or as an alternative to them. Through many years of practise she has developed her own Shiatsu technique.

She has also taught Okido Yoga in Italy under the supervision of her teacher and attended several Okido Yoga seminars with Japanese teachers including Osamu Tatsumura.

Alongside this, she has also worked as a beautician since 1999. She started as an apprentice and after 5 years, gained her National Beautician Diploma in Italy. She has also studied cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and marketing.





B.EST, Padova, Italy            2005 - 2006

Superficial and Deep Tissue Massage, Sport Massage, Myofascial Massage, Neuromuscular Massage


UPA Formazione, Padova, Italy   2004 - 2005

 Diploma: Beautician

SUBJECTS: Marketing; dermatology; aesthetic medicine; cosmetology; anatomy & physiology; skin care; health & safety in the workplace.

Centro Culturale Nashira, Conegliano, Italy     2000 - 2004

Diploma: Shiatsu


Olis, Reggio Emilia, Italy    1999-2000 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Deep Tissue Massage


Olis, Reggio Emilia, Italy    1999-2000 

The Institute of traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy   2010

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage