Claire Harvie

Claire qualified at Salisbury College and went on to set up her own successful practice in the corporate sector as part of its ‘health initiatives' by providing holistic Reflexology treatments to staff on site. Many of her clients suffer from stress and the symptoms of stress such as IBS, tension headaches, migraines, PMT and the symptoms of menopause. Reflexology, by stimulating acupressure points on the soles of the feet, can help to naturally rebalance the body therefore improving health and well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally. Reflexology has become very popular amongst expectant mothers as it can be effective in reducing discomfort and pain from problems such as back ache, sciatica, headaches, constipation, heart burn and leg oedema.





Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology - Salisbury College, awarded by VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust)