Bee Lovely


The humble bee is under threat and needs our help.

Bees are vanishing from around the world. In Britain they're disappearing faster than in the rest of Europe.

Deadly neonics, 7,000 times more deadly than banned DDT, are at the heart of the problem.

Together we can help save the bees.

Bee Lovely Petition

117,345 Bee Lovely signatures taken to Downing Street

On Monday, 25th February, we had the privilege of handing in your petitions to
10 Downing Street, for the attention of
Prime Minister David Cameron.

The same day the EU decide whether to stop using 3 deadly neonics.

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You've really made a difference
Thank You

Bee Lovely Range

Together we've raised over £50,000
for Bee Lovely causes

Following the incredible demand for our Bee Lovely Hand Cream, we're proud to introduce our organic, family-friendly Bee Lovely range.

Enriched with moisturising organic honey and energising orange and mandarin essential oils.

We are donating £10,000 a year to bee lovely projects to Help Save the Bees.

Competition Winners

Our Best Dressed Beehive Competition

Jacob Kilminster
aged 4
Milena Barrett
aged 11
Congratulations Jacob and Milena!

Your beautiful designs will be recreated on real beehives for the bees at Sheepdrove Organic Farm in Berkshire. We're sure they'll be buzzing with excitement when they see them.

Grant Winners

Bee Lovely Grant Winners

A big thank you to all those who applied for a Bee Lovely Grant. Click below to meet our winners.

Organic Honey

The moisturising organic honey in our new Bee Lovely range is a blend of two honeys so pure, they're good enough to eat.
Fine, creamy honey from Nicaragua, where the bees gather nectar from tropical flowers, is blended with delicately flavoured honey from south eastern Mexico.
Both come from cooperatives that guarantee a fair price and sustainable market for the small-scale farmers, and access to their incredible pure organic honey for us.
And don't worry about the bees, the honey is sustainably-sourced, with the beekeepers leaving enough honey to feed the bees through the lean winter months.
Images © Equal Exchange UK

£10,000 Donation

We are donating £10,000 a year to bee lovely projects to Help Save the Bees:
Friends of the Earth
Supporting their 'Bee Cause' campaign to introduce 60 bee-friendly meadows, fund free seeds and educational activities in local communities and schools.
Developing and monitoring wild flower patches at their National Wildflower Centre and 'bee refuge' foraging sites across the UK – some of which are 100 acres in size!
Creating educational material for young children, GCSE students, gardeners and growers to support their 'Bee-Friendly Zones' – safe, pesticide-free places where bees can nest and forage for pollen and nectar.
Project Dirt
To help spread the word far and wide about our fantastic grants, we're working in association with Project Dirt, the UK's most active green social network.