Adol Bush Flower Essence

Adol Bush Flower Essence is a wonderfully natural way to help you manage your emotions, be yourself, relaxed, fulfilled and natural.

Based on Bach's system, Australian Bush Flower Essences were developed by homeopath and naturopath Ian White, using the vast array of unique flora on the Australian continent. They combine ancient aboriginal methods with extensive modern research.

Negative Condition: Troubled teenager or parent

Positive Outcome: May help address major teenage issues, encouraging self-acceptance, stability and optimism


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£9.95 / 30ml
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How to Use:
Seven drops from the bottle under the tongue, morning and night. For further information please consult a flower remedies practitioner or our Customer Services department.

Brandy, water, billy goat plum, boab, bottlebrush, dagger hakea, five corners, flannel flower, kangaroo paw, red helmet orchid, southern cross, sunshine wattle and tall yellow top.