Celebrating 30 Years of Organic Excellence


It’s 30 years since we opened the doors of our first shop in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden.

Appropriately, the original store was fitted out with reclaimed materials. Discarded wood from local theatres became shelves, a slab of marble the shop counter and old sweet jars were carefully washed out and used to store the dried herbs.

From these small beginnings, our passion for natural, ethical, holistic health and beauty has seen us grow into a world leader in organic healthy beauty.

We’re passionate about transforming people’s lives by empowering them to live more healthily through the power of nature. And we’re proud to be a great little company. A small, independent, British, family-owned company with a big reputation for world-class products.

To us, the social and environmental cost of ingredients is more important than the price. By choosing to support sustainable, organic harvesting and fair trade programmes, we believe we can all be a positive force for change. A change for the better.

Which is why we look forward with growing optimism to the next 30 years.

  Celebrating 30 Years of Organic Excellence

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